Why iPads are better than netbooks in the classroom – a teacher’s perspective

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The No.1 App for Every Teacher…

Not all apps are created equal.

Syed writes:

“As an educator my life revolves around learning, organisation, workflow and school requirements. Lessons are delivered, work is assessed and data is recorded. Thankfully new technologies are providing ways of coping with the increasing demands. Explain Everything is central to my current workflow.”


Why am I banned from following my teachers on Facebook and Twitter?

In every school there are young, attractive teachers that all the girls and all the boys fancy: there was probably one in your school, there’s at least one in your child’s school, and there’s probably one in my school in Manchester – but that would be telling.


10 Reasons Why We Struggle With Creativity

Anyone who says “I don’t have a creative bone in my body” is seriously underestimating their skeleton. More to the point, they are drastically undervaluing their brain.

My contention in this article is that creativity is an integral part of being human, and to deny its expression is like denying the expression of other crucial human elements that we intuitively realize we’d be miserable without. How about a life without sex, to use one bare-knuckled example? Creativity is no less a part of who and what we are. What follows are 10 reasons why we frequently struggle to get into a creative space, along with suggestions on how to get there.