Favourite infographic for March: Theories of learning

Courtesy of @yearinthelifeof

I I don’t know about you, but I spend a lot of time these days digesting information through infographics. Indeed, I find myself regularly talking about them at conferences, even in my own presentations. I’m a firm believer in their value: while they should not be seen as a replacement for reading, they are a very useful tool when it comes to getting key ideas across quickly and in a visually stimulating way.

With this in mind, I’ve decided to post an ‘infographic of the month’. Firstly, this will mean a blog post requiring very little work from me! Secondly, it would be nice to give further exposure both to infographics with succinct yet useful information, as well as those that I find to be eloquently or innovatively designed.



News Corp. Education Unit Unveils Tablet to Rival iPad in Classrooms

Amplify, the education division of News Corp. that focuses on creating digital products for classrooms, unveiled a 10-inch Android-powered tablet this week, specifically designed to help teachers and students be as productive as possible.


Using iPads in education settings – Workshop at Institute of Education

Practice using an ipad and explore different educational apps which have potential for use in a variety of teaching and learning contexts. Share ideas and reflect on their suitability for use in your organisation.

This session is suitable for any teacher or educator: